Exploring the Ribble Valley Sculpture Trail in Clitheroe, UK


Nestled in the beautiful countryside of Clitheroe, UK, the Ribble Valley Sculpture Trail offers a captivating and immersive experience for art enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. This enchanting trail showcases an array of impressive sculptures set against the backdrop of the stunning Ribble Valley landscape. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor from afar, the Ribble Valley Sculpture Trail is a must-visit destination that promises to leave you inspired and in awe.


The Creation of the Sculpture Trail

The Ribble Valley Sculpture Trail was envisioned as a way to celebrate the region’s rich artistic heritage and embrace the natural beauty of the area. The trail was created through a collaborative effort between local artists, the community, and the Ribble Valley Borough Council. It was officially opened to the public in 1993 and has since become one of the most popular attractions in Clitheroe.


Exploring the Trail


Trail Map and Route

The Ribble Valley Sculpture Trail covers approximately four miles, meandering through woodlands, fields, and parks. A trail map is available at the starting point, which provides information about the location of each sculpture and the recommended route to follow. The trail is well-marked, ensuring that visitors can easily navigate their way through the picturesque landscape.


The trail features a diverse collection of sculptures, each with its own unique story and artistic style. From abstract pieces to figurative works, the sculptures showcase the immense talent and creativity of both local and international artists. As you wander along the trail, you’ll encounter sculptures made from various materials, including wood, stone, and metal. Each sculpture seamlessly integrates with the surrounding environment, enhancing the overall experience.

Highlights of the Trail

While every sculpture along the Ribble Valley Sculpture Trail is worth exploring, there are a few highlights that should not be missed. One such highlight is the iconic “Triangulate” sculpture by David Kemp, located near the start of the trail. This impressive installation features a series of interconnected triangles, representing the interconnectedness of art, nature, and the local community.
Another notable sculpture is “Singing Ringing Tree” by architects Mike Tonkin and Anna Liu. This unique musical sculpture is made from galvanised steel pipes and produces melodious sounds when the wind blows through it. It not only serves as a stunning piece of art but also adds an auditory dimension to the trail.

Nature and Wildlife

In addition to the captivating sculptures, the Ribble Valley Sculpture Trail offers visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the area. The trail passes through woodlands, meadows, and along the banks of the River Ribble, providing a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Keep an eye out for local wildlife such as birds, butterflies, and small mammals, as they often make appearances along the trail.


Practical Information


Getting There and Admission

The Ribble Valley Sculpture Trail is easily accessible by both car and public transport. If you’re driving, there is ample parking available at the starting point of the trail. For those using public transport, Clitheroe train station is the closest station, and buses also run regularly to the area.
Entry to the Ribble Valley Sculpture Trail is free, making it an affordable and accessible attraction for all. Donations, however, are greatly appreciated and go towards the maintenance and preservation of the trail.

Facilities and Amenities

Throughout the trail, there are several picnic areas and benches where visitors can take a break, relax, and enjoy the surrounding scenery. It is advisable to bring your own food and beverages, as there are limited catering facilities along the trail. Additionally, there are public toilets available at the starting point and at various points along the trail.



The Ribble Valley Sculpture Trail in Clitheroe, UK, is a hidden gem that seamlessly combines art, nature, and community. Whether you’re an art enthusiast or simply looking for a peaceful escape, this trail offers a unique and captivating experience. From the impressive sculptures to the serene surroundings, the Ribble Valley Sculpture Trail is a testament to the beauty and creativity found in the Ribble Valley region. So, grab your walking shoes, immerse yourself in art and nature, and embark on a journey you won’t soon forget.